Know about King's Group
   King’s group was founded in 1974 as a name of Chin-Lung-Hsing Co., Ltd. Our company has branches at Taipei, Taichung and Viet Nam. As the wireless market trend open-up continues in Taiwan, in 1995, we became more aggressively involved in 4G market planning and technological enhancement, in addition, to cope with the trend of privatization of telecommunication industry, in 1997, KING’S TELECOM & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was founded to develop telecommunication network industry.   
King’s steel Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, which was a professional manufacturer of all kinds of gratings. Its main application is: petrochemical plant, power generator plant, incinerator, trench cover, communication tower, steel rack platform and steel stairs, etc. To industry correlation aspect, the industry that has the closest relationship to it is, power, petrochemical industry, steel industry, environmental protection industry and rapid transit system, etc. Ever since the foundation of our company, we kept continuously the concept of ”use forethought concept to run today’s enterprise” and expanded the manufacturing, marketing and service of our diversified products. We continuously pursue excellence in every aspects of the business. In management aspect, we emphasize on the dignity of people and professional management. We have strict requirement on quality, we value our customer, and we keep changing and continuously improving ourselves to pursue the company’s growth.