Distribution Panel

Five-in-one general controlled power distribution panel (PDP)
.Within communication shelter, one set of "Five-in-one general controlled power
    distribution panel” is set up.    This power distribution panel will control
    everything in the machine room, and it includes five parts:
    -Power system
    -Lightning arresting and grounding system
    -Air conditioning and circulation system
    -Environment monitoring system
    -Emergency power switching switch

˙ Power distribution panel: It provides power for equipment in the communication
  machine room that uses  AC current, for example, communication host machine,
  air conditioning, lighting, electrical outlet  and fire-fighting equipment, etc.
˙ Emergency power switching switch: When the mains supply is stopped and the
  spare power in the machine  room is unavailable, it will be used as an emergency
  power generator to provide wire connector and switching switch for power supply purpose.
˙ Lightning arresting protection system: A lightning arrestor is connected before the
  power distribution panel to  protect other power switch and electronic component,
  hence, when the lightning comes, its impulse will not  damage the switch and
  component. The maximum discharge current is 40kA(6/20us).


Air conditioning system :In general control panel, there is a control panel (as in the following figure) to control the air conditioner,   and the control is described as in the following: 

A.  The air conditioning start temperature is set up at 25 degrees(adjustable).
B.  When room temperature T<30℃, air conditioner A and air conditioner B, will have 1 CYCLE of alternative operation for every six hours. 
C. When room temperature T>30℃, Environment Management System (EMS) within PDP general distribution panel will output "Forced start of air conditioning signal", and air conditioner A and air conditioner B will then operate at the same time. 
D. When the room temperature is dropped to normal temperature (T<30℃), the "forced start of air conditioning signal" of environment management system (EMS)  within PDP general power distribution panel will stop, and air conditioner A and air conditioner B alternative operation of 1 CYCLE for every six hours will be restored. 
E. When the fire alarm signal sends out at the base station, the environment management system (EMS) within PDP general distribution panel will send out "forced stop of air conditioning signal", and sir conditioner A and air conditioner B will stop simultaneously.    
˙It includes abnormal air conditioning alarm, alarm for abnormal operation of air circulation fan, door control alarm, fire alarm and high temperature alarm, power stop alarm and air conditioner shift alarm, etc.,; the control circuit is designed into the general power distribution panel (as in the left diagram).   
˙The air circulation equipment is a horizontal flow electric fan accompanied with electric pneumatic door. When the air conditioner of shelter cannot operate and the indoor temperature is too high, hot air will be ventilated out for air change so as to reduce the internal temperature of shelter and to protect the internal communication equipment.
The control is described as in the followings:
A.When the sensor in the controller detects the internal temperature of shelter is higher than 40℃ (adjustable), the heat circulation electric fan set will receive the control signal from control circuit to start air entrance/ ventilation electric fan set.
B.When the detector detects that the internal temperature of shelter drops to below 35℃ (adjustable), the heat ventilation electric fan set will receive the signal from control circuit to control the close action of the gate, and the electric fan will then stop its action.
C.When the outdoor sensor detects that the exterior temperature of shelter drops to below 20℃ (adjustable), heat ventilation electric fan set will then receive the control signal from the control circuit to start air entrance/ventilation electric fan set.
D.When the voltage of the battery is lower than 42VDC, Node B(communication host) DC power system will send out low electric voltage signal (or through the free detection of the 
control circuit), at this moment, the heat ventilation electric fan set will receive the signal from control circuit to stop the electric fan and to close the gate.
E.When the pneumatic air door is not opened, the air tightness of the machine room can be maintained.  
F.Air entrance/ventilation end has changeable anti-bug filter. The filter is attached with frame, which is installed respectively at the air entrance and air ventilation end so as to achieve the function of filtering, dust prevention and anti-bug.