Internal Accessory

Introduction of the accessory facility inside the communication shelter
˙Fire fighting type: Suspended type fire extinguisher, optoelectronic detector, high temperature sensor, emergency lighting lamp and handheld fire extinguisher.                     
˙Suspended type fire extinguisher: It is 10 pounds type protection volume of about 7.5m3, and the action temperature is 65°~68°
Handheld fire extinguisher: CO2 with spec of 10 pounds type.
˙Al cable distribution rack:
A. The cross section size is 300mm width, 80mm height above (included). The material is Al 
     alloy material and anodization treatment is needed.
B. This cable rack should meet the spec of NEMA VE 1Class Designation 8A, that is, the 
     carrying weight should be 501bs/ft, and the support distance should not be larger than 
C. The deployment shape of cable rack in shelter is basically of H shape deployment.。
˙Grounding copper row:
At the lower side of the cable rack and the central location of the machine room, a grounding bus copper row is installed to be used as grounding purpose of all communication equipments and all kinds of metallic materials within the machine room. From this copper row, a main line is connected to the exterior equipment grounding box to avoid the occurrence of the electric shock.
˙Ant-electrostatic charge function:
To avoid the damage of the host machine component of communication equipment from electrostatic shock caused by electrostatic charge of human body, the floor within communication shelter should be anti-electrostatic charge floor (blanket); its spec is: imported rubber material floor not containing asbestos, meanwhile, it should possess highly flexible, dense, wear-resistant, fire-resistant and anti-chemical characteristics; and its thickness is 2mm with mean resistor value of 106~108Ω.


˙The machine room should be equipped with a 19" transmission machine rack to be used as transmission attached point for the machine room to the exterior side; meanwhile, for the mains supply protection of communication host (BTS), a power switch is made between SMR and BTS, and FUSE Panel is also equipped, in addition, through IBS (intermediate power distribution panel), the power is distributed to each needed itemized switch.
˙The lower layer of transmission rack is attached with DDF (modularized digital distribution panel), which can be used for jumper purpose of E1 or T1 wire.
˙Cable entrance and exit:
    A. For cable entrance and exit, at the narrow wall of assembly  shelter, two holes are opened respectively, that is a total of  four holes, and each hole more than six (included) 7 / 8"  cables.           
    B.The entrance and exit of cable should have waterproof pair-lock type steel plate to be used as fixing purposed of the introduced wire, meanwhile, it should have cable guided hole of disassembly type compressive insulated protective barrel.