Product Features

Multi-functional shelter originated in 1996. Our company has forethought at that time that in the future, Taiwan’s communication market is going to be fully open, hence, it hired many telecommunication experts to develop communication shelter that is specifically designed for Taiwan’s island type climate. These products are highly recognized by customers and imitated by our competitors, right now, it is already the fourth generation products after repeated research and improvement. Assembly or PU Foam shelter originates from the need of mobile communication network construction engineering. It can set up corresponding base stations on widely covered and effective area so as t provide loose but not missing communication service.

Assembly type PU Foam shelter originates from the need of mobile communication network construction engineering. This shelter has fire-resistant characteristic, and its structure is made up of non-flammable material. This shelter board is assemblytype, which is pre-cast within the factory. It is assembled through fast connector, hence, it can be quickly assembled on site.

Assembly type shelter has fire resistance characteristic, which is a structure of non-flammable material. To sum up all the above statement and the currently existed saving policy in many companies, PU Foam shelter is going to show its advantages more effectively and to act in accordance with different company’s policy need.

The shelter manufactured by our company has the following characteristics: Special baked-enamel steel plate and thermally insulated material is adopted to make shelter board. The board can resist bad climate, and it does not get rusted and corroded. Under normal utilization, it can be used for more than 10 years.

Shelter has the following features
 It needs sufficient space to accommodate equipment needed for base station: For example, BTS, distribution panel, SMR, transmission equipment, air conditioning equipment, monitoring and fire-fighting equipment, etc
2. Mobility
The assembly should be simple. Shelter installed at base station should be able to be moved or disassembled in the entire set to other site for re-installation.
3. Safety 
It should be of non-flammable material with waterproof, windproof, earthquake-proof and protective (Anti-theft, anti-destruction) characteristics.
4. The providing of accompanied equipment 
The providing of peripheral equipment such as power, grounding, air conditioning, environment monitoring and air circulation, etc.


Communication shelter structure and spec

Type Size
Thickness( T ) mm Length ( L ) mm Width ( W ) mm Height ( H ) mm
Small Type 40 ~ 60 1100 ~ 1234 560 ~ 1185 1250 ~ 2100
Middle Type 60 2680 ~ 3060 1770 ~ 2350 2520 ~ 2860
Large Type 100 4000 ~ 8000 2500 ~ 4000 2500 ~ 2900

Fire resistance:It is non-flammable material and it matches the non-flammability spec of CNS-7774.(After PU foam has contacted flame for 60 seconds and have the flame removed, it should extinguish and no more burning continues.)

Good sealing, waterproof, windproof and earthquake proof:All the connection parts between structural boards are coated with SILICONE to reinforce waterproof result. 

Earthquake resistance capability:It can resist over 6th grade of earthquake.

Wind resistance capability:Wind speed of 60 M/sec.

Waterproof capability: Water pressure 1㎏/㎝^2, water-spraying for 30 minutes without water leak.

Sealing capability: Both the internal side and external side of shelter should have good sealing.

Weight-carrying capability: The floor can take about 1.6 T/㎡of average weight, 3T of centralized weight.

Thermal isolation: The density of thermally isolated PU is 42Kg/M3. The entire thermal conduction coefficient of board material is about 0.023 ±0.003 Kcal/MH℃. It is inspected qualified by the public academic organization.

Door frame: It is made up of reinforced Al alloy material.

The gap between door plate and door frame: It should have structural safety of anti-damage characteristic (Difficult to get broken in).
Line entrance hole: The line entrance hole location is made according to the assigned location. And there is waterproof pair-locking type stainless steel embedded board for fixing purpose of the introduced line.

Hole-opening operation: Based on customer’s assigned location, it can be done at the newly installed shelter or completed shelter at any time, or correction operation can be done too.
Characteristic of door and door frame: Shelter door has the same thermal insulation effect as that of wall board and roof board. The door size can, based on customer’s work  implementation schedule and specifically needed height and width, door opening location and door opening direction, be made and delivered in three days.
Shelter assembly: Shelter of all sizes can be assembled on site.
It can be transported manually: Shelters of all kinds of sizes can be, according to customer’s need within one week, customized-made into manually transportable (without using crane) shelter for easy access to the elevator and stair tower; meanwhile, on-site assembly can be completed at the same construction speed.

On-site shelter assembly speed: The completion time of on-site assembly construction does not exceed hree persons two hours.
On-site shelter repair and maintenance: It meets mobile way design of on-site assembly and disassembly, hence, the change of any shelter component is very easy. (For example, door plate and door frame set, etc.).