Quality Policy

Quality policy

In recent years, our company was highly recognized by many professional suppliers and was the recipient of "Excellent quality award"; these awards have proven again the hardworking and efforts of KINGSSTELECOM & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in advanced process and product quality. Here, our company is going to take quality as the first priority goal, and we will fulfill for our customer the acquisition of perfect product and the quality expected by customer. 
Customer satisfaction
Our strategy to enhance customer satisfaction: The key is to increase the value we provided to customer and to meet customer’s gradually enhanced expectation. We hope that customer’s satisfaction can be further enhanced. In addition, through perfect communication system, customer’s demand can be replied in time. We put great efforts into Taiwan’s market, and in the future, we expect to launch our product to the global market as well.
Fulfill the work goal
With the concept of ”Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” in our mind, we keep continuous improvement on our work quality. Under the pressure of busy daily work and the finish of our work goal, we never forget to turn the blueprint and our target task into solid action. We turn our thinking into providing customer with good and fast service, and we never forget our commitment for on-time delivery of product to our customer.
Safety and hygiene policy
Our business meets the law and regulation in legal sustaining operation. 
We fulfill safety and hygiene management, keep continuous improvement and prevent vocational disaster effectively. 
We enhance the safety recognition of personnel in the factory to foresee the hazard and risk. 
We reinforce equipment safety and industrial safety protection to create zero disaster environment.
We reinforce material utilization and management to reduce safety and hygiene risk.