Zinc Plating Processing

King’s group, in order to integrate steel service and to exploit the stable investment environment in Viet Nam and the broad market potential of neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, has introduced from Taiwan two sets of fully automatic high frequency welding production line. After several months of construction, the factory has been finished on November 2002. As the first professional grating designer and manufacturer in Viet Nam, King’s grating Co., Ltd. will have its annual production capacity of more than ten thousand tons. In addition to grating, the company also manufactures and processes stair treads and other steel products. In the design capability aspect, in addition to introducing professional designer from Taiwan for long term factory staying, we also incubate aggressively local Viet Nam human resource so achieve the synchronous level between manufacturing and designing.


In modern industry, steel is widely used as basic material. In our daily life, metal and steel plays very important role. It can be easily processed, and it can be easily cut and welded too, moreover, its strength is highly reliable too. The most deadly disadvantage of steel or iron is the "rusting and corrosion". This is especially true in island area, where steel and iron is in high temperature and damp environment, moreover, the climate with seas surrounding the four sides of the island could easily lead to corrosion and rusting. Especially in western seashore area of Taiwan and the remote island area, most of the time of a year, the environment is filled with salt particle and sand, easy corrosion of object is the largest disadvantage. In addition to the production of grating, zinc plating is one special technology field that King’s group is devoted to, at this moment, hot dip professional factory is thus set up.