Zinc Plating Treatment

Most people know that painting is applied to prevent the occurrence of rusting process. In recent years, since steel structure needs permanent free maintenance, and since hot dip galvanizing has advantage such as anti-corrosion and economy, it thus can fully match this requirement. Therefore, hot dipping galvanizing has gradually been accepted and used in all kinds of locations.

For example, in civil engineering and construction field, it includes the steel skeleton of a bridge, the gate of a dam, the grid to prevent falling rock, the protection fence beside the roadway, grating, concrete steel, factory and station, etc. In addition, the agriculture and fishery related fields include steel rack for green house, cow house, pig house and hen house and steel structure building in harbor, hot dipping galvanizing has been widely adopted.

Hot dipping galvanizing has been widely used in roadway, railway, power, ship construction, civil engineering, construction, agriculture, aquaculture, etc.

Roadway use: Protection fence board, lighting lamp, label and bridge.
Railroad use: Station, garage, line supporting post and soundproof wall.
Power use: Power transmission tower and metallic hardware for wire supporting.  
Civil engineering use: Sewerage and falling rock protection wall. 
Construction use: Residence, fence, factory and equipment.
Agriculture and aquaculture: Green house, storage room, fruit tree shed and fishing raising tank