Machine Structure

Assembly type communication machine room, as its name implies, is layered assembly machine room. Its modularized design of fast assembly makes it suitable to be used for on-site assembly in any environment, however, it can also be assembled within the factory and then lifted to the work site in entire set. 

˙The board materials on the six faces of this assembly shelter are all composite type structural board material. It has a structure that both the internal and external layers are all PVC coated and processed zinc-plated steel plates. The middle layer is filled with PU and pre-buried with C steel as part of the structure. In addition to reinforcing the rigidity of the board material, it is also used as the fixing and hanging of the equipment.



Easy to install and uninstall 

A . Between the Panels installed by Using quick-connectors. 
B . All of the fasteners for Steel Structures are stainless steel.


˙The steel structure base adopted
by the lowest layer of the shelter
has an objective to evenly distribute
the weight carried by shelter so that
it can be used to carry floor board.
˙Our steel structure base can carry an
average load of 1.6T/M² and 3T of
centralized load.

˙Shelter top plate is two-piece type

all-in-one formed board material.

The entire roof only has one gap, and on

the gap, there is an additional Al material

cover plate to be used as reinforced

leak-proof protection.