Structural Spec

˙Fire protection level: It can reach international protection grade of IP55.

˙Fireproof characteristic: Thermally insulated material (PU) and interior and external PVC zinc-plated baked-enamel steel plate are all non-flammable materials, which meet CNS-7774 non-flammable spec and GB8624-2006 construction material burning characteristic grading.

˙Earthquake-proof capability: It can take earthquake of 7th grade.

˙Windproof capability: It can take maximal gust of speed of 60M/sec without distortion or damage.

˙Thermally insulated capability: The shelter main body has thermal isolated capability, and the entire thermal conduction coefficient of the board material is 0.021 ±0.003 Kcal/Mh℃.

˙Rustproof capability: All the exposed steel materials of assembly type shelter all have galvanizing rustproof treatment, and it has long utilization lifetime of more than 10 years

Meet the site requirements of safety


(A) Non flammable material.


(B) Water proof (NEMA IP55).


(C) Resistant to corrosion, earthquake and wind loading.            


(D) Heat Insulation.


Roof Panels


(A)  3。Angle of inclination for water sluicing.           


(B)  Leakage protection for the Panel’s connections.


(A) Flexible Penetration openings.


(B) Many Fixed points can be set on interior walls.


(C) Uniform reinforcement in Base Panels for equipment layout.


(A) The location of exterior machine of the air conditioner can

be changed arbitrarily according to station environment.

(B) The through hole location can be set up at the front, rear, left or

right side of the station environment.